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Pro Shot l4.7 Rotary Laser with detector. Offers Extreme accuracy and proven performance. Delivers best in class accuracy.

 Pro Shot l4.7 Rotary Laser

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Pro Shot l4.7 Rotary Laser with detector. L4.7 Rotating Laser offers Extreme accuracy and proven performance. The Pro Shot™ L4.7 self leveling construction laser delivers best in class accuracy and a long history of proven performance on construction sites around the world. Along with its ultra-precise level plane, the L4.7 laser adds versatility with the ability to project a vertical plane of laser light for layout and alignment tasks (using the optional V2 mount). Specifications : 1500' dia., 750' rad. (460m/230m) ±7 arc sec. (±.040" per 100') (±1.0mm per 30m) Precision compensator • ±10 arc min. Yes, using optional bracket 360º • 600rpm Yes 36 Month Guardian Four C-cells • 110 hrs. (alkaline) Optional Ni-Mh kit • 60 hrs. Visible 670nm CDRH and IEC Class 2 To international standard IP56 -4º F to +122º F (-20º C to +50º C) Range with R7 laser receiver . Accuracy .040 per 100 ft. Self leveling type • Range 1500ft. dia. Vertical capability w/ optional bracket Rotation coverage 360 deg.• speed 600rpm Machine control compatible ... Warranty 36 month guardian. Power source • 4 C cell batteries • Laser beam type... Laser classification ... Dust and water sealed .. Operating temperature -4 to 122 degrees FH. L4.7 laser system including R7 receiver and carrying case

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We carry Pro Shot rotary lasers, which make you a one person leveling crew. They give you one person grade checking and elevation control. We have lasers for grading, elevation control, land leveling, drop ceilings and a variety of other applications. Our Pro Shot construction rotary lasers combine affordability, accuracy and a lot of other features.