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Northwest NSL500B Transit Level - Tri County Transit.

Northwest NSL500B Transit Level

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Product Description

The Northwest NSL500B Level Transit is inexpensive, accurate and easy to use. The NSL500B level transit is designed for the different leveling applications that you find on today�s job site. This instrument handles various tasks, whether you need to level foundations, patios or decks, run straight lines, plumb walls or turn angles, perform different grading applications, street, curbs or landscaping, or any other light construction leveling application. Designed to withstand the rigor of everyday field use, NSL500B TRANSIT LEVEL is an excellent choice for your level-transit requirements
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Northwest NSL500B transit levels are

rugged, durable, precise and

easy to use. They are the perfect instrument that can fulfill the needs found on today�s jobsite.

It can level foundations, run

straight lines, plumb walls,

turn angles and any other

light construction leveling