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Northwest NINPK602 Interior Rotary Laser with Universal Wall Mount. Fully automatic electronic self leveling laser. Ideal for use in applications such as drop ceilings, cabinet installation, tile and much more. Indoor features dual beam squaring for both level and plummet. __FREE SHIPPING__

Northwest NINPK602 Interior Pkg. Rotary Laser with Universal Wall Mount

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Product Description

Northwest NRL602 Rotary Laser Universal Wall Mount. The NRL602 Rotary laser is an automatic, electronically self leveling rotating laser and is ideal for leveling, alignment and squaring. It can be used in applications such as foundations, decks, drop ceilings, cabinet installation, tiling and framing. Indoor features include wide sweep, narrow sweep and dual beam squaring for both level and plummet. Specifications: Laser Beam: Horizontal, Wave Length: 635 nm, Rotating Speed: 600 rpm, Operating Range: 2,000 ft with Detector, Leveling Accuracy: 1/16 in @ 100 ft horizontal, 1/8 in @ 100 ft vertical Self Leveling Range: +/- 5 Self Leveling Method: Electronic Servo Motors Bumper Sensor: On Board Power: Rechargeable Batteries, Tripod Adaptor: 5 / 8 x 11 thread Includes: Remote Control, Universal Wall Mount, Rechargeable Batteries & Charger, Carrying Case & Manual. Visible beam for interior work. THREE YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY.
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