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NWI NEXPK800X Northwest Rotary Laser Level Dial In Digital Single Slope

NWI Northwest NEXPK800X Rotary Laser Level Dial In Digital Single Slope

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Product Description

NWI NRL800X Single Slope Digital Dial in grade Rotating Slope Laser kit. Includes: Rotary Laser, Detector and Clamp, Tripod and 9ft Level Rod. NRL800X is a true grade laser capable of plus or minus 8 degree dial-in grade slope. . It is accurate to 1/16" at 100 feet and it is equipped with an electric servo motor to ensure automatic and accurate leveling. It has two beams to give it versatility in leveling and plumbing. It has tremendous value in applications ranging from leveling concrete forms to ramps and drainage Specifications: Laser Beam: Horizontal & Zenith Wave Length: 635 nm. Rotating Speed: 600 rpm. Operating Range: 2,000 ft w/ Detector. Self Leveling Range: +/- 5 degrees. Self Leveling Method: Electronic Servo Motors. Leveling Accuracy: 1/16" in @ 100 ft horizontal 1/8" in @ 100 ft vertical. Programmable Grade Settings: +/- 8 degree. Power: Rechargeable Batteries. Tripod 5/8 x 11 thread. Includes: Laser Detector, Remote Control, Rechargeable Batteries & Charger, Bracket, Grid Target, Glasses, Carrying Case & Manual . Visible beam for interior work. THREE YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY.

We carry several different versions of rotary lasers including the NRL800X Digital Laser. These ensure you avoid the hassle of inaccurate measurements and with features like one touch operation, windy mode and slope match, you can choose the product that matches your needs. For a high performing laser, we also recommend the Gradoplane rotating laser which features single or dual grade control, automatic electronic self leveling and two-way removable remote control. For underground activities like tunneling, pipe jacking and work in sewers, pipe lasers are your best choice. Take advantage of their automatic line centering, a large easy-to-read display and automatic grade run. If you have any questions, please don�t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service representatives.