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NORTHWEST NXR16E 16ft fiberglass Level Rod Eighths

NORTHWEST  NXR16E 16ft fiberglass Level Rod Eighths

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Product Description

NORTHWEST NXR16E 16ft fiberglass Rods Eighths The NWI NXR16E 16-Foot Fiberglass Grade Rod 70067 features a rectangular shape with one-sided graduations in feet, inches, and eighths of an inch with glare-resistant scales and red foot markings for maximum visibility. Ideal for surveying, plot mapping, building, planning, grading, and leveling, this grade rod has four adjustable sections that extend to 16 feet and collapse to just 6 feet. And you can secure your desired length with button locks. Fiberglass construction guarantees you waterproof performance as well as a lightweight, portable grade rod that you can store and transport in the included carrying bag.