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Northwest Instrument NTS02S Reflectorless (2-Second) Total Station for CONSTRUCTION and LAYOUT with 30x magnification, this survey tool allows you to measure slope distances at up to 984 feet. (6500 ft with Single Prism) FREE SHIPPING

Northwest Instrument #10835 NTS02S Reflectorless (2-Second) Total Station

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Product Description

The Northwest Instrument #10835 NTS02S Reflectorless Total Station is the smart, state of the art, 2 device. Its compact but rugged design allows it to be used by surveyors and engineers in a huge range of working environments. With a built-in EDM laser and an enhanced absolute encoder, it's not only extremely durable but a very accurate device too. The NTS02S uses the enhanced absolute encoder to detect an absolute position, as soon as the device is turned on. This in turn allows the land surveyors to work continuously, without returning to the start point. The main attraction to this surveying device is its great accuracy and reflectorless capability. With 2-second accuracy and 30x magnification, this survey tool allows you to measure slope distances at up to 984 feet. The NTS02S's single prism means you also have the option to extend your devices measuring capability, from 984 feet up to a huge 6,500 feet. Features: Built-in Bluetooth for wireless data collection SD card and USB port to store and transfer points easily Improved Absolute Encoder for smoother readings in fine modes 2" Angular Accuracy EDM (Electronic Distance Measure) Laser for precise reflector-less measurements 300 meters / 1000ft reflectorless range Illuminated Dual Side LCD Display Language options: English, Spanish or Portuguese On-board program with 20,000 points of memory IP55 dust and water resistant Automatic detection and correction of input parameters Compatible with most handheld data collectors Telescope: Objective Aperture (EDM): F45mm Magnification: 30x, 120' Field of View Resolving Power: 4.0" Minimum Sight Distance: 1.2 m (3.94 ft) Angle Measurement: Measuring Method: Absolute Encoder Minimum Display: 1"/5"/10", selectable Detection Method: Level Radial, Vertical Radial Angle Measurement Accuracy: 2" Range Finding: Reflectorless/Laser Pointer: Class 3R/IIIa EDM: Coaxial Automatic Correction of Input Parameters: Meteorological, Atmospheric Refraction, Earth Curvature Instrument: Display: LCD, 6 lines x 12 characters Illumination: Yes Internal Memory: 20,000 points Data Port: I/O, RS-232C, USB, Bluetooth Optional Operating Time: 9 hours Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Voltage: 7.2V DC Dimensions: 160x150x330mm (WxDxH) Weight: 5.2 kg (11.46 lbs) Weather Proof: IP55 (IEC60529) Operating Temperature: -20c to +50c Level Vial Sensitivity: Plate Level: 30" / 2mm Circular Level: 8' / 2mm Compensation: Method: Electronic automatic Dual Axis Range: +/- 3' Resolving Power: 3" Laser Plummet: Accuracy: +/- 0.8mm / 1.5m Laser Class: 2/I EC60825-1 3 Year Warranty on Manufacturer Defects.