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L6-20 22-Power Optical Meridian Level Kit, 10ths.

L6-20 22-Power Optical Meridian Level Kit, 10ths

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Product Description

L6-20 22-Power Optical Meridian Level Kit, 10ths Designed for light construction work – leveling and turning angles. Horizontal Circle– Graduated to single degrees and reads by vernier direct to 1/4 degree (15 minutes) Horizontal Lock and Tangent Screw– Provides precise movement control Built-in Sunshade– For clearer sightings Includes: level, plumb bob, case, manual, aluminum tripod, 13-ft aluminum leveling rod (10ths/100ths) Accuracy: 1/4 in at 100 ft (6mm at 30m) Range: Up to 200 ft (60m) Telescope Magnification: 22-power Length: 10.5” (26.5 cm) Minimum Focus: 4 ft (1.2 m) Aperture: 0.75″ (19 mm) Field of View: 2′ @ 100′ (0.6 m @ 30 m) No. of Lenses: 6 Horizontal Circle Graduation Diameter: 3.62″ (92 mm) Graduations: Each 1° Numbers: Each 10°, 0-90-0° Vernier: Double direct to 15 min.