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Pro Shot Bullseye3 360 Machine control receiver

Pro Shot Bullseye3  360 Machine control receiver

Item No: #030-6000

Reg. Price: $1,295.00
Our Price: $1,175.00

Product Description

Bullseye 3 Machine control Laser receiver The Bullseye is a 360 degree laser receiver designed to mount on a dozer blade or on the stick of an excavator. The highly visible LED display provides 5 channels of information, high, high fine, on grade, low fine, and low. It allows grade checking from from the operatorís seat and eliminates the need for another person to stay with the machine as a grade checker. Grade staking cost is greatly reduced or eliminated and productivity is greatly increased. The receiver can provide up to a 2000í working range depending on the laser transmitter used. Bullseye 3 Laser receiver with carrying case - US list price $1,295.0
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