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AGL/GEOMAX DUAL SLOPE GRADOPLANE 50 A PACKAGE Dual SLOPE Digital Read Out Rotary Laser Operating Range: 450 metre 1500 feet diameter Self-levelling___FREE SHIPPING__

AGL GRADOPLANE 50 A PACKAGE Dual Slope  Rotary  Laser

Item No: #11-0401

Reg. Price: $1,995.00
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Product Description

AGL GRADOPLANE 50 A DUAL SLOPE LASER PACKAGE automatic dual slope laser is the most versatile dual slope rotary laser on the market today, designed to work anywhere, on any job site. GradoPlane 15 is ideal for checking elevations, setting forms, digging footings, checking foundations, screeding concrete, and much more. It's easy to set precise grades for single and dual grade control. Totally automatic, there's no need for compound grade adapters. The GradoPlane 15 has six rotation settings, including 700 rpm needed for machine control operation. Single or dual grade control (Ī 10%) - Automatic electronic self-leveling in horizontal and vertical. Grade range -10% to + 10% i X, and Y axis - Optional Two-way removable remote control $515.00 / keypad LCD on keypad displays laser functions and status - Visible beam, Manual mode, Adjustable scanning, H.I. alert mode, Electronic azimuth control - Waterproof, purged with dry nitrogen. Affordable Performance, Easy to Use and Feature Packed! The GradoPlane 15 has many features that make this Laser an unbelievable value. This flexible laser offers the user: Beam Masking, Plus or Minus 10% Grade Capability, Tilt, Windy and an IP67 environmental rating (Water/ Dustproof). All these features in a very strong aluminum-cast housing. When you consider the benefits of the GradoPlane 15, it makes this laser a value that is unbeatable. Fast Grade Setting Press two buttons and you can have your grade. No need to enter several screens or menus to access grade settings. Beam Masking Electronically turns off the Laser beam in specific quadrants to prevent interference with other crews on the site. It can also be used to avoid shining into a roadway or to avoid reflective surfaces which may give a false reading. Windy/MRS (Motion Resistant System) When activated, the unit allows continuous operation during high winds, vibrations and shocks. Slight movements are ignored, the feature only activates only if significant movement occurs. Simple Operation All operations of the laser are controlled on the keypad. Simplicity of operation eases your mind and lets you get to work faster, saving you time and money. Anybody can operate this laser. Level, Single, or Dual Grade Entering grade from +10% to -10% is simple, using a Rolling Counter. The GradoPlane 15 has high performance features, long range, and remote capability that make it ideal for precise grade control. It has a unique power system thatís very flexible and provides over three weeks of operation. Up to 1,500í (450m) dia. range.
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