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AGL 322 Visual Machine Control System from Tri County Transit

AGL 322 Visual Machine Control System

Item No: #267147217

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Product Description

360° Rotary Laser Receiver The 360° Rotating Laser Receiver has the range, accuracy, and rugged construction needed for even the toughest machine control applications. In addition to sending a signal to the control display in the cab, it also has a built-in display for simple setup and heads-up operation. Accurate With All Lasers Unique “Automatic Gain Control” feature adjusts the On-Grade zone to its highest accuracy, compensating for different laser spot size, rotation speed, and distance from the transmitter. Long Range Reception The electronic circuitry and super sensitivity of the auto gain control system allow the 360° to sense a beam at distances well beyond the range of other machine control receivers. When used with AGL long-range transmitters, the 360° receiver has a range of 2,000 ft. It also has a special housing that eliminates interference from sunlight or other light sources. Construction Tough • Manufactured from precisely machined aircraft aluminum and top-of-the-line electronic components • Waterproof, dustproof, and resistant to shock and vibration • Sturdy mounting system locks receiver to the mast; removes easily with quick release button Applications • precise land leveling for agriculture • levee marking • construction of building pads, dams, ponds • precise asphalt and concrete pad paving or reconstruction jobs INCLUDES Model 360 Receiver $1,995 Detector Mounting Stud $70 Manual LED Display w/Mounting Bracket (Model 322) $715 30' (9m) Manual Display Cable $135 Power Cable, Display to Battery, 15' (5m) $85 Carrying Case $150 TOTAL LIST PRICE $3,150 YOUR COST $2835.00

Machine control receivers work with rotating lasers. The laser provides a reference plane of laser light over the jobsite. The receiver is mounted above the machine's cutting edge on grading equipment or on the dipper arm of excavation equipment. The receiver is initially set on-grade to a known desired elevation or benchmark. As the machine is used and the blade or bucket is moved, the operator is given a visual indication of which direction to move the blade or bucket to get to on-grade, effectively checking grade from the cab.