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AGL 312 Machine Control Systems

AGL 312 Machine Control Systems

Item No: #agl312

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Product Description

AGL 312 LASER CONTROL SYSTEM - Single Automatic System Construction Site Preparation Virtually eliminate grade staking and get more “cut-time” per day. You’ll get the job done faster. SYSTEM RECOMMENDED: EZ-Grade 360 with optional Remote Display Rough Grading Takes the “rough” out of grading. Machine Control is like having a grade checker riding on your blade. It saves material and speeds up operation. SYSTEM RECOMMENDED: EZ-Grade 360 with optional Remote Display Excavating Stops over-excavation, reduces fill overages, and improves safety. SYSTEM RECOMMENDED: MR360R Fine Grading Precise grade control improves placement of subbase materials and saves on concrete overages. SYSTEM RECOMMENDED: Model 312 Automatic (single or dual-sided) Agriculture Land-leveling Precise grade control and long-range operation make us the right choice for this most demanding job. Single and tandem scraper control systems can be used with either the Manual Mast or PowerMast, or both. SYSTEM RECOMMENDED: Model 312 Automatic or 304 Automatic Drainage Install and maintain drainage ditches simply, quickly, and precisely. SYSTEM RECOMMENDED: EZ-Grade 360 (Remote Display Optional) Levee Marking The high-speed PowerMast™ enables the operator to mark levees and survey faster than ever. SYSTEM RECOMMENDED: Model 304 Auto Survey with PowerMast™ 4 series. LIST PRICE #9-09102 Model 360 Receiver $1,995 #4-03164 Detector Mounting Stud $70 Power Cable, Display to Battery, 15' (5m) $85 15' Coil Cable, Manual Mast $250 312 Control Box $1,150 Dan Foss Interface $550 10' Extension Cable $200 Detector Mounting Stud $70 304/312/322 Mount $75 5' Calibrated Mast $500.00 sold separately $315 Model 360 Receiver $1,995 Blade Mount $300.00 sold separately $250 Carrying Case $250 Manual Mast Mount 30" $525.00 sold separately $250 Valve Package $5,800 **** HYDRAULIC PACKAGE PRICES WILL VARY DUE TO THE SIZE AND MAKE OF THE MACHINE TOTAL $11,240

Machine control receivers work with rotating lasers. The laser provides a reference plane of laser light over the jobsite. The receiver is mounted above the machine's cutting edge on grading equipment or on the dipper arm of excavation equipment. The receiver is initially set on-grade to a known desired elevation or benchmark. As the machine is used and the blade or bucket is moved, the operator is given a visual indication of which direction to move the blade or bucket to get to on-grade, effectively checking grade from the cab.