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AGL 304 Laser Machine Control Systems

Item No: #AGL304

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Product Description

AGL 304 Machine Control Systems allow the user to obtain better jobsite control by using a plane of laser light to ensure the proper elevation of their equipment.(SINGLE SYSTEM) For the customer involved in construction or agricultural projects such as site preparation, dam construction, and excavation projects. Customers use rotating lasers plus a detector system mounted on equipment to constantly receive the laser reference plane. Some systems are interfaced with an electric/hydraulic valve into the machine's hydraulic system to provide automatic control of the blade elevation. Save time and money with Machine Control Systems • Increase profit by controlling cost of materials, labor, and staking • Improve job productivity - Make fewer passes - No more waiting for grade stakes - Reduces machine downtime since grade is checked from the machine • More accurate - Provides a continuous reference over the entire site, versus conventional intermittent stakes in a grid pattern • Improve safety: no grade checkers on the ground with heavy equipment • Frees up the supervisor Simple Solutions 1. The operator sets the blade at the desired elevation by placing the cutting edge on the reference stake. 2. The operator then adjusts the mast or receiver until an ON-GRADE signal is obtained. The equipment is now ready to operate. 3. The operator monitors the display and uses the equipment controls to manually maintain the ON-GRADE signal. An Automatic System operates the machine’s hydraulic systems, enabling the laser to control the blade. When using an Automatic System, the operator can simply switch over to AUTO mode. #9-09102 Model 360 Receiver 1,995 #9-41007 304 Display Box $1,895 #NS Valve Package $5800.00 #4-05368 304/305/312 Mount $75 #1-14231 Deere/Case/Ford Single Interface $525 #1-14233 Case / New Holland Valve Cable $165 #1-14061 40' PowerMast Cable $235 #1-14006 Power Cable, Display to Battery, 15' (5m) $85 #9-09827 Telescoping Power Mast Model 30" $3,995 #9-09825 Electric Mast Mount $695 #9-09826 Coil Cable, PowerMast $250 #1-14235 10' Extension Cable $200 #9-09281 Carrying Case $150 TOTAL $10,265.00
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Machine control receivers work with rotating lasers. The laser provides a reference plane of laser light over the jobsite. The receiver is mounted above the machine's cutting edge on grading equipment or on the dipper arm of excavation equipment. The receiver is initially set on-grade to a known desired elevation or benchmark. As the machine is used and the blade or bucket is moved, the operator is given a visual indication of which direction to move the blade or bucket to get to on-grade, effectively checking grade from the cab.