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AGL #1-16747 GradoPlane Rotary laser Remote Control

AGL #1-16747 GradoPlane Rotary laser Remote Control

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Product Description

Two-Way Remote Speeds Setup and Operation (GP15X) Make grade changes from anywhere on the jobsite using the full-function RF remote. Saves time when you’re balancing the pad -- use the wireless remote to adjust the laser’s grade from the cab and quickly finish the job. • LCD display, grade and enter buttons are the same as on the Laser • Automatic shut-off conserves battery power • 400’ remote range gives your great operating distance

The GradoPlane 15/15X has many features that makes it an unbelievable value. These flexible lasers offer the user: Beam Masking, Plus or minus 10% (GP15) or 15% (GP15X) Grade Capability, Remote Control option, Tilt, Windy and an IP67 environmental rating (Water/Dustproof). All these features in a very strong aluminium-cast housing.When you consider the benefits of the GradoPlane 15/15X, it makes this series a value that is unbeatable.